Joseph L. La Brie, S.E.

Managing Partner

Joseph L. La BrieMr. La Brie is a registered Civil and Structural Engineer in the State of California and his work experience includes the design and engineering management of a myriad of different buildings. Mr. La Brie is the CEO of Makeitright, Inc. - a company with structural engineering and hospital design as its central focus. After 25 years of experience in the industry and with the objective to improve building standards, Mr. La Brie developed the Seismic Qualification Exchange Streamline website (SQX). SQX is a resource that posts manufacturer’s product data, as well as informs Hospital Owners about equipment requiring Special Seismic Certification. With a passion to further improve the industry, Mr. La Brie partnered with a highly specialized team to develop Dynamic Certification Laboratory (DCL) – a single source, premier lab for all required seismic simulation testing, analysis, reporting, and certification of essential equipment.